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who is icebeing?

ICEBEING is luke phillips 
a multi instrumentalist & visual artist combining

a variety of acoustic instrumentation & electronic noisemakers

found-sound samples and creative sound design & production

the most determined artist i've ever met, luke breathes music and contextualises the world around him in terms of it. luke is familiar with the intricate components of sound and is in a perpetual state of deconstructing and reconstructing them, and undoubtedly will be for the rest of his life.

listen to Striped, my personal favourite

congratulatioins are (from right to left)

Leah, Jamie, James & Greg.

congratulations are one of the most energetic bands you will ever see on stage. full of pure joy for what they're doing, you will not be able to leave one of their gigs without a beaming smile.


their sound is unusual and addictive. i have never seen them perform live without losing time and wishing for more. they are groundbreaking and constantly evolving.

check out the video for the iconic 'Lucy, Lucy'

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